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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
dosethe exact amount of medicine you should take at onetime
dota small round mark
doubletwice as much
double-deckera bus with an upstairs
doubtfulnot being sure, not quite believing
dougha thick floury mixture which is baked into bread or cakes
dovea pretty bird, rather like a pigeon
dowdyshabby, awkward, untidy
dozeto close your eyes because you are sleepy, but not quite asleep
dozentwelve of anything
draftsmandesigner, one who drafts document
dragto pull something heavily anlong the ground
dragonan imaginary animal which breathes fire. You read about dragons in fairy stories
dragonflya large flying insect with transparent wings
drainto take away water or some other liquid
drakea male duck
draughta gust of cold air. The same word also means a small wooden disc used in the game of draughts
drawto make a picture with pencils of crayons. The same word also means to pull
drawbackweakness, setback that detracts from profit or pleasure
drawbridgea bridge that can be let down or drawn up
drawera kind of box that fits into a piece of furniture. It slides in and out
drawing pina pin with a large flat head
dreadgreat fear
dreadfulcausing great fear; terrible, awful
dreamthe thoughts that go on in your mind after you are asleep
dreargloomy, dull, dismal
drenchto soak right through
dressto put on clothes. The same word also means a garment worn by girls and women
dressing tablea table with a mirror where you can sit to do your hair
dressing-gowna garment which you wear over you night dress or pyjamas
dressmakera person who makes clothes for women, girls and small children
dribbleto let food or liquid trickle out of the mouth on to the chin. The same word also means to run with a football at your feet
driftto be floated or blown along
drillto bore a hole in something with a special tool. The same word also means regular practice
drilyin a dry manner
drinkto swallow water, milk or some other liquid
dripto drop in little drops. A tap drips when only a little water comes out very slowly
driveto make something move along
drivelto talk nonsense, speak like an idiot
driversomeone who drives
drizzlelight rain
drollcomic, amusing, surprising
droopto bend or flop over
dropto let something fall. The same word also means a tiny bead of water
drownto die under water because there is no air to breathe
drowsyfeeling very sleepy
druma hollow instrument that you beat to make music
drumstickthe stick you use to beat a drum. The same word also means the leg of a chicken or turkey
drynot wet; without water
ducka rather large web-footed bird which swims. The same word also means to dip underwater for a moment; to lower your head; to dodge something

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