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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
declareto say something clearly; to make something known
decomposeto separate in to original elements, decay
decorateto make something look pretty. We decorate a Christmas tree
deedan act; something done
deepa long way down
deera wild animal with four long legs. The male has large branched horns
defeatto beat someone at a game; to conquer
defendto try to keep yourself from being beaten; to guard someone or something against attack
definitecertain; without doubt
defyto refuse to obey
degreea unit of measurement. Temperature is measured in degrees centigrade of fahrenheit
delayto put off to later time
deliberatenot by accident; done on purpose
deliberationcareful consideration, Intention
delicateeasily broken or damaged; fragile
deliciousvery good to taste and eat
delightgreat pleasure or joy
deliverto hand something over to someone else. The same word also means to rescue or set free
della little valley in a wood or forest
deludeto deceive, mislead
demandto ask for something in a commanding way, without saying please
demonan evil spirit or devil
dena cave or shelter where some kinds of wild animals live
denialdenying, refusal, contradiction
denseclosely-packed; thick; difficult to make your way through, like a dense forest
denta bend place in something, usually caused by a blow
dentistsomeone who takes care of your teeth
denyto say that something someone says is not true
departto go away or leave place
departmenta part or section of a shop, office or factory
dependto count on someone; to rely
depositto put something down and leave it. The same word also means a small amount of money left in party payment for something
depot(say depo) a storehouse
depthhow deep something is
descendto go down
describeto say what something or someone is like
desertland on which very little can grow because there is no water. Deserts are often made of sand
desertionabandonment, act of deserting, leaving when needed most
deserveto earn something, like deserving a reward for working hard
designto draw a pattern; to make a plan or drawing
desireto want something very much. The same word also means a wish or request
desirousfull of desire, eager
deska table used for reading or writing
despairto give up hope
despiseto dislike something or someone very much because you think they are no good and worthless
dessertthe fruit or pudding served after the main part of a meal
destroyto kill or ruin completely
destroyera warship that guards a fleet of ships against attack
detachto separate, unfasten, disconnect
detaila small part

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