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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
discourageto make someone feel that what he is doing is not worth while so that he will stop trying
discoverto find out; to see something for the first time
discoverysomething which has been found out
discussto talk about
discussionan argument or talk with other people
diseaseillness; sickness
disengageto free from engagement, detach, release
disguiseto change your appearance by wearing different clothes, a wig of a false moustache, so that people do not recognize you
disgusta feeling of dislike so strong that it makes you feel sick
disha plate for food
dishonestthe opposite of honest
disinclinationwant of desire or affection
dislikethe opposite of like
dismayfear; a feeling of being upset and sad
dismissto send someone away or tell him they can leave
dispatchto despatch, settle; kill
disruptto shatter, break in pieces
distancethe length of space between two places
distantfar away. A far-off place is distant
distemperan illness which young dogs get. The same word also means a kind of paint used on walls in rooms
distinctseparate; clearly seen or heard
distressa feeling of great pain, sorrow or worry
districta part of a town or country
disturbto interrupt or cause trouble
disturbancea noisy interruption, as when people upset a meeting by shouting out
ditcha very long narrow trench which is dug in the ground to drain water away
divana couch
diveto plunge headfirst into water or down through the air
diversomeone who goes down into very deep water
divertto turn aside, distract, amuse
divideto separate into parts
dizzyfeeling that your head is spinning round and round; giddy
doto perform or make
docka place where ships are unloaded or repaired
doctorsomeone who helps you to get better when you are ill
dodgeto jump quickly to one side so as not to bump into something
dogmaa principle, a doctrine, a tenet
dolefulsad, gloomy, dreary
dolla toy made to look like a person
domea curved roof like half a ball
dominoa small oblong piece of wood either painted black with white dots or white with black dots. You play a game with dominoes
donateto present a gift, subscribe, bestow
donekyan animal like a small horse with long ears
doodleto draw or scribble while thinking about or doing something else
doora kind of barrier which has to be opened to go in or out of a building or room. It is usually made of wood and fitted with a handle
doorstepthe step just outside a doorway
doorwaythe frame into which a door is fitted
dormitorya big room with lots of beds
dormousea kind of mouse with a furry tail, rather like a squirrel

Learning Competency

Defining relative clause
When a clause defines the noun it qualifies it is known as a defining relative clause.