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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
wirelessanother name for radio, a way of sending sounds through the air without using wires
wiseknowing and understanding a lot of things
wishto want something very much
witunderstanding, cleverness
witcha wicked, dangerous woman who is supposed to be able to do magic
withnear to or alongside. Sometimes the same word also means against, as when you fight with someone
witherto dry up, to shrivel
withininside; in the inner part
withoutnot having or using something. The same word also means against, as when you fight with someone
witnesssomeone who has been something happen and therefore can say he knows all about it
wittyclever and amusing
wizarda man who is supposed to be able to do magic
wolfa dangerous wild animal, that looks like a large dog
womana female human being; a girl when she is grown up
wonderto be surprised at something marvellous, unexpected or strange. The same word also means to question, to want to know
wonderfulmarvellous; amazing
wonderlandan imaginary country where amazing and wonderful things happen
wooda little forest. The same word also means the material that trees are made of. Wood is used to make lots of things like fences, furniture and some buildings
woodenmade of wood or hard like wood
woodpeckera wild bird that pecks holes in the bark of trees to find insects for food
woodworkcarpentry; the wooden part of a building or furniture
woolthe thick warm covering of hair on a sheep, which is made into such things as blankets and clothing
woollenmade of wool
worda spoken sound or group of letters that means something when you hear it or read it
wordyverbose, using many words
workto do something useful; not playing
workmansomeone who works with his hands, often using tools or machinery
worksa factory or workshop. The same word also means the machinery in something, such as a clock or watch
worldthe earth, the people and things on it, and the air around it
worma small snake-like animal which lives underground and moves by wriggling in the earth
wornlooking shabby or ragged. Clothes look worn when you have been wearing them for a long time
worryto be afraid something is going to go wrong or that something bad many happen to someone
worshipto honour and praise God
worththe price you would have to pay for something you want to buy. The same word also means deserving or useful; good enough or valuable enough, as when someone says a book is worth reading
worthlessnot worth anything; no good
wound(rhymes with round) turned and twisted
wound(rhymes with spooned) a cut in your flesh
wrapto cover something by folding paper or cloth around it. The same word also means a shawl or cape worn by girls and women
wrathgreat anger
wreatha ring of flowers or leaves twisted together
wreckanything that has been ruined or destroyed, leaving only useless bits and pieces. Sometimes the word is short for shipwreck
wrena very small brown wild bird
wrestto pull something away from someone by force
wrestleto struggle with someone to see who is stronger
wriggleto move by twisting and turning
wringto make water come out of something, like wet clothes, by twisting and squeezing
wringera machine with two rollers that wring the water out of wet washing
wrinklea small fold or crease in material, clothe, paper or the skin of old people
wristthe thin part of your arm that joins on to your hand
writeto draw letters or words so that people can read them

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What are phrasal verbs?
Phrasal verbs are verbs that consist of two or three words. The first word is a verb and it is followed by an adverb or a prepositions or both.