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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
whichone of two or more people or things, as when you decide which friend to invite or which flavour of ice cream you are going to have
whiffa sudden puff of air, smoke, or scent
whileduring the time that; as long as
whimperto cry in a low whining voice
whineto make a sad complaining crying sound
whinnythe noise a horse makes by blowing through its nose
whipa piece of thin strong cord or leather attached to handle. The same word also means to stir up eggs or cream very quickly
whirlto turn around and round very quickly
whiskto move, sweep or stir something very quickly. The same word also means a kitchen tool used for whipping eggs and cream
whiskerone of the stiff hairs on a man’s face, or at the sides of the mouths of some animals, such as cats, lions and tigers
whiskya very strong drink made from grain
whisperto speak so softly that only someone very close to you can hear
whistleto make a high musical sound by blowing through your mouth with your lips nearly closed. The same word also means a small tube-like instrument that makes a whistling sound when you blow it
whitethe colour of snow
whowhich or what person
wholeall; not a part; not divided
whoopa loud cry or shout. The same word also means the noise made by someone who has the illness called whooping cough
whorea prostitute, harlot
whyfor what reason of cause, as Why did you go away?
wickthe twisted threads of cotton in a candle or lamp, which you light
wickedevil; very bad; the opposite of good
wicketthree stumps in the game of cricket: small gate or door built into a larger one
widea long way from one side to the other; broad; the opposite of narrow
widowa woman whose husband is dead
widthhow wide or broad something is
wifea married woman
wigfalse hair that you put on over your own hair
wildnot kept or looked after by people; the opposite of tame
wildernessa wild or desert area of land where no one lives
wildflowera flower that grows without being planted by anyone
wilfulwanting your own way, obstinate, way ward
willingpleased and ready to do something you are asked to do
willowa tree with long bending branches and narrow leaves. Cricket bats are usually made of willow wood
wilycrafty, sly
winto come first in something, like a race or a game
wind(rhymes with tinned) fast-moving air that blows things about
wind(rhymes with kind) to turn or twist something around, like winding up a ball of string
wind baga bag filed with wind, a man of mere words
wind fallan unexpected legacy, advantage
windmila machine that is worked by the wind. It is used for grinding grain or for pumping water
windowa glass-covered opening in the wall of a building, which lets light and air in
windowera man whose wife is dead
winestrong drink made from the juice of grapes
wingone of the two feathered parts of a bird’s body with which it flies, Aeroplanes have metal wings
winkto shut and open one eye quickly
winsomeattractive, winning
winterthe last of the four seasons of the year, when it is coldest
wintrycold, stormy
wipeto clean or dry something by rubbing
wirea very thin, long piece of metal

Learning Competency

Skills involved in Note-talking
Listening and writing down the bare essentials of the talk are the two skills involved in Note - talking.