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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
water lilya water plant with large flat floating leaves and beautiful pink, white or yellow flowers
watercressa green plant that grows in fresh water, it is eaten in salads and sandwiches
waterfalla stream of water falling down from a high place
waterproofable to keep water out. A raincoat is waterproof
wavewater moving in a curved line on the surface of the sea or a lake. The same word also means to move something, like your hand or a flag, back and forth or up and down
waxa soft yellowish material used in making candles. The same word also means sealing wax, which melts when you heat it, and then gets hard again
waya road or path; space to move through. The same word also means how to do something, like the way to paint a picture
waywardperverse, capricious
weaknot strong
weakento make something or someone weak
wealthgreat riches; a lot of money
weaponanything used to fight or hunt with, such as a gun, a heavy stick, or a bow and arrows
wearto be dressed in. You wear thin clothes in summer and thick clothes in winter
wearisometiresome, monotonous, fatiguing
wearyvery tired
weathertemporary change in climate or season. The weather can be wet or dry, hot or cold
weathercocka flat piece of metal, often in the shape of a cock, that turns in the wind to show you which direction the wind is coming from
weaveto make cloth by twisting threads over and under each other
webthe lacy net that spiders spin to trap insects
web-foota foot that has skin joining the toes together. Ducks, geese and swans are all web-footed
weddingthe marriage ceremony, when a man and a woman become husband and wife
wedgea triangular piece of metal or wood, very thin at one end and thicker at the other. You put a wedge between tow things to hold them firm or to push them a part
weesmall; tiny
weedwild plants that grow where they are not wanted in gardens or in fields where crops are grown
weedyworthless, of no use, abounding with weeds
weekseven days
weekendSaturday and Sunday
weeklylasting for a week, once a week
weepto cry tears
weighto find out how heavy something is
weighingheavy, important, momentous
weightthe amount that something weighs
weirdstrange and frightening
welcometo greet someone with joy
wellhealthy; properly. The same word also means a deep hole in the ground from which oil or water is obtained
well beingprosperity, happiness, welfare
wellingtonsrubber boots
westthe direction in which the sun sets: the opposite direction to east
wetnot dry; covered with liquid
whackto strike something so hard that it makes a noise
whalethe largest animal found in the sea
wharfa landing place for loading and unloading ships
wheata kind of grain from which flour is made
wheela large flat circle made of wood or metal. Cars, buses and bicycles must have wheels to be able to move along
whenat what time; at the time that
whencefrom what source, place, how
wheneverat any time
whereat or in what place
whetherif or if not
wheythe watery part of milk. When cheese is made, the milk is separated into the thick part (called curds) and the liquid part (called whey)

Learning Competency

Modal auxiliaries are used for
1.Probability - will ought
2.Possibility - can, could, may, might