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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
loba stroke in tennis or cricket, when the ball goes high in the air
lobbythe entrance hall in a large building
lobstera shellfish with two large strong claws
localnearby; near or close by a certain place
locka strong fastening for a door or gate that can only be opened with a key
locomotivea railway engine
locustan insect something like a large grasshopper that destroy crops
lodgea small house at the entrance to a park or at the gates of a large house in the country
lodgersomeone who pays to live in someone else’s house
loftspace under the roof which can be used as a store room
loga thick round piece of wood. The same word also means a ship’s diary
loiterto linger; to dawdle
lollto sit or lie about in a lazy way
lollipopa large sweet on the end of a stick
lonethe only one
lonelyfeeling sad because you are alone
longa big distance from one end to the other
lookto watch or try to see
looking-glassanother word for mirror
looma machine for weaving thread into cloth
loopa ring of wire, string or ribbon
loosethe opposite of tight, not properly fastened
loosento make something less tight
lordan important nobleman
lorryan open motor vehicle used to carry heavy loads from place to place
loseto fail to have something
lota large number; a great many
lotiona soothing liquid medicine that you put on sore places on your skin
lotusa waterlily that grows in some hot countries
loudnoisy; easily heard or to be heard
loudspeakeran instrument that makes sounds louder, so that you can hear them from a distance
lovableworth loving
loveto be very fond of, to like someone or something very much
lovelybeautiful or pretty; nice
lownot high or tall
loyalfaithful; true to someone
lucksomething that happens by change. You can have good luck or bad luck
luckyhaving good luck
luggagethe cases, trunks or bags you take your clothes in when you travel
lukewarmin between warm and cool
lumbertimber. The same word also means something big and heavy that you can not use any more, like a broken armchair or an old cooker
lunarhaving to do with the moon
lunchthe meal eaten at midday. The word is short for luncheon
lungeto make a sudden thrust or rush at something
lupina large garden plant with long spikes of brightly-coloured blossoms
lurchto jerk forward on to one side
lurkto hide yourself while you are waiting about for someone or something
luxurysomething expensive and pleasant that you would like to have but do not really need; great comfort

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Phrasal verbs are verbs that consist of two or three words. The first word is a verb and it is followed by an adverb or a prepositions or both.