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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
lavatorya place where there is a washbasin or a water-closet, sometimes both together
lawrules made by the government of a country
lawna smooth flat area of grass which is cut and looked after carefully
lawnmowera machine that is used to cut the grass on a lawn
layto put something down
layera flat covering or thickness. You put jam and cream between two layers of sponge cake
lazynot wanting to work or make any effort
lead(rhymes with seed) to be first, before everyone else
lead(rhymes with bed) a heavy soft grey metal
leadersomeone who is in front or at the head of a group of people
leafthe flat, green part of a plant or tree
leakthe accidental escape of liquid or gas from a hole or crack in a pipe or container
leanthin; without fat. The same word also means to rest against something, so that you are not standing up straight
leapto jump high in the air
leap yeara year with 366 days, having 29 days in February. It comes every four years
learnto find out about things or how to do something
leastthe smallest in side or importanceleast
leatherthe skin of animals, used to make things like shoes and gloves
leaveto go away from somewhere. The same word also means to let something stay where it is
lecturea talk given to an audience or a class at school
ledgea narrow shelf
leerto smile at someone in a nasty way
leftthe opposite side to right. You a have a right hand and a left hand
legthe part of your body which joins on to your food. You have tow legs. The same word also means one of the pieces of wood that hold up a table or chair
legacya particular thing given by last will, a bequest
legenda story from long ago which may or may not be true
leggingsa covering of cloth or leather for your legs in cold weather
legiona large group of soldiers; a large number
lemona sour yellow fruit
lemonadea drink made from lemon juice and sugar
lendto let someone have something of yours which he will give back to you
lengthhow long something is
lengthento make longer
lensa curved piece of glass used in eye glasses or in instruments such as telescopes and cameras
leoparda dangerous wild animal that looks like a large cat with spots
lessento reduce, depreciate, make less, lower
lessonsomething to be learned
letto agree that someone may do something; to give permission
letterhow a sound looks when it is written down. Our alphabet has 26 letters. The same word also means a written message that is put in an envelope
lettucea garden plant with large green leaves which you can eat without cooking
levelanother word for flat; with no bumps
levera bar pushed down at one end so that it lifts something on the other end
liarsomeone who tells lies
liberalizeto free from narrow views to render liberal
libertyfreedom to do as you think is right
librarya room or building full of books
licencea special piece of printed paper that you must have before you can do certain things. You need a licence to own a gun, to drive a car
licenseeone to whom licence is granted
lickto touch something with your tongue, like a lollipop or an ice cream
lidthe top which can be taken off something, such as a box or saucepan

Learning Competency

Skills involved in Note-talking
Listening and writing down the bare essentials of the talk are the two skills involved in Note - talking.