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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
lieto say something that know is not true, the same word also means to rest flat
lifethe time between your birth and your death
lifeboata special boat kept ready to rescue people who have been shipwrecked
liftto move or raise something up. The same word also means a large metal box or cage that carries people up and down in a tall building
lightto heavy. The same word also means something which shines brightly so that you can see in the dark
lightento make less heavy or less dark
lightersomething used to produce fire, like a cigarette lighter or firelighter
lighthousea tower with a strong light to guide ships at sea in the dark
lightlygently; not heavily
lightninga sudden bright flash of light in the sky when there is a thunderstrom
liketo be fond of or be pleased with. The same word also means the same or almost the same
likeablepleasant; easy to get on with. Sometimes the word is spelled likeable
likelihoodprobability, appearance of truth, or reality
likelyprobable; expectd to happen
likenesssomething that looks the same as the real thing
lilaca large garden bush with sweet-smelling white or purple flowers in the spring
lilya tall garden plant with large white or brightly-coloured flowers
limban arm or leg: a branch
limewhite powder made from limestone, used for making cement. The same word also means a green-coloured sour fruit, something like a small lemon
limitthe place where something ends
limpwithout stiffness, like wilted flowers. The same word also means to walk in a lame way
linea thin mark like this
linencloth made from the flax plant. The same word also means sheets, pillowcases, towels and other household linen
linera large ship that carries people and cargoes to long distances
lingerto hang about; to delay leaving
linkone of the rings in a chain
linoleuma stiff shiny floor covering, usually called lino for short
lintsoft woolly material used to protect sores or wounds
liona strong and dangerous wild animal, like a very big cat
lionessa female lion
lipsthe soft edges of the mouth
lipsticka kind of crayon in a case, used by girls and women to colour their lips red or pink
liquidanything which is we and flows like water
listwords placed underneath each other in a column, like a shopping list or a list of names
listento try or hear something
literaturepoems, stores and books
litrea measurement of capacity
litterrubbish or waste paper left lying about. The same word also means all the babies born to a mother animal at one time
littlenot big; small
liveto have life; to be alive
live(rhymes with five) living; not dead; alive
livelyjolly; active; full of life
liveran inside part of the body
living-rooma room with comfortable furniture where the family gathers together to talk, red, watch television or entertain visitors
lizarda scaly reptile with four legs
llamaa large animal with a long woolly coat, something like a camel without any humps
loadall that can be carried at one time, like a load of bricks or a load of bananas, the same word also means to put bullets into a gun, ready for shooting
loafa large piece of bread with crust all over it
loansomething you lend to someone for a while
loatheto hate or despise bitterly

Learning Competency

Non-defining relative clause
Non-defining relative clauses are placed after nouns which are definite already.
The adjective clause which does not define the noun before it but gives additional information about the noun is called the non-defining relative clause.