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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
numbnot able to feel, as when your fingers are numb with cold
numbera word which says how many. One (1), two (2) are numbers.
numerala figure, a number such as 1,2 or 3
numerousvery many
nuna female member of religious group living in a convent
nursesomeone who helps the doctor to look after people who are ill
nurserya room or building where very young children sleep or play
nurtureup bringing, education, nourishment, to educate, nourish, train up
nuta fruit or seed with a hard shell. The same word also means a piece of metal with a hole through it that you screw on to the end of a bolt
nylona man-made material used for making clothing, brushes and other useful things

Learning Competency

Examples of Blending
1.Manimal (man + animal)
2.Hi-tech (high + technology)
3.Brunch (breakfast + lunch)