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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
newspapera printed daily or weekly paper that tells you about things that have just happened
nextthe nearest; the one after
nibthe metal point of a pen
nibbleto eat with tiny bites
nicekind; friendly; pretty; pleasant
nicka little cut in something
nicklea silvery-grey metal
nicknamea name you give to someone for fun, to describe what he is like, such as shortly for someone who is not very tall
niecethe daughter of a brother or sister
nightthe time between sunset and sunrise, when the sky is dark
nightdressa garment worn in bed by girls and women
nightgownanother word for nightdress
nightingalea small brown bird whose song is even more beautiful at night than in the daytime
nimblequick or clever in moving or climbing
nipto pinch or bite of a little bit of something
nothe opposite of yes. The same word also means not any
noblegreat; grand
noblemana man of high rank
nobodyno one; no person
nocturnalhappening at night, nightly
nodto bend your head forward and back to show you agree. The same word also means to let your head fall forward when you are sleepy
noisea sound, sometimes very loud
nomadone of a group of people who have no permanent home, but who roam about looking for food for themselves and their animals
nonenot one; not any
nonsensetalk which means nothing
noon12 o’clock in the day; midday
noosea loop in a rope, with a slip-knot that can be tightened by pulling it
normalordinary; usual
norththe direction which is the opposite of south, on your left as you face the rising sun
nosethe part of your face with which you smell, and through which you breathe
noseywanting to know all about other people’s belongings and activities
nostrilone of the two openings in your nose
notableworthy of note, remarkable, conspicuous
notea short letter. The same word also means a sound in music or a piece of paper money
notebooka little book in which you write things down that you don’t want to forget
nothingnot anything
noticeto see something. The same word also means a printed piece of paper announcing something.
notionmental conception, idea, opinion
notoriousknown to disadvantage, ill known and spoken of
noughtnothing; zero
nourishto feed
novelnew and different. The same word also means a long story about imaginary people
noveltysomething new and different
nowat this time
nowherenot anywhere or at any place
nozzlea spout at the end of a pipe or hose
nudenaked; without clothing
nudgeto poke or push someone gently with your elbow
nuisansesomething or someone who gets in the way of what others want to do

Learning Competency

Defining relative clause
When a clause defines the noun it qualifies it is known as a defining relative clause.