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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
gradea way of deciding how good something is. If one kind of apple is better than another, it will be graded higher
gradualhappening slowly, a bit at a time
graduateholder of university degree
grainthe seeds of some plants that are used as food. The same word also means a very small piece of something hard, like a grain of sand
grammarthe study of the way people put words together when they speak or write
grammea very small weight, the thousandth part of a kilogramme
gramophonean instrument on which you can play records of music or words; another word for record-player
grandimportant; large; splendid
grandfatherthe father of your mother or father
grandmotherthe mother of your mother and father
granitea very hard rock used for buildings and for kerbstones
grantto give, to allow as a favour
grapegreen, purple or red fruit that grows in bunches on a vine
grapha diagram, usually on squared paper, that shows how a series of measurements changes
graphefruita round fruit like large orange with a yellow skin and a sharp taste
graspto seize and hold tightly
grassa low green plant which has many thin leaves and covers fields and lawns
grass-snakea small and harmless snake
grasshoppera hopping, leaping insect. It makes a chirping noise by rubbing its wings or legs together
gratea framework of iron for holding a fire in a fireplace. The same word also means to rub something, such as a piece of cheese, against a rough surface to reduce it to small particles
gratefulgiving thanks, thankful
gravevery serious. The same word also means a hole in the ground where a dead person is buried
gravellots of little pebbles which can be used to make paths
grazeto eat grass. The same word also means to scrape the skin
greasea thick oily substance; softened animal fat
greatlarge; big. The same word also means important or famous
greeda great longing to have more of something, even though you already have enough
greenthe colour of grass in springtime
greengrocera man who sells vegetables and fruit
greenhousea glass house where plants are grown
greetto welcome; to speak to someone when you meet
greetinga welcome; a kind which often written on a birthday or Christmas card
greythe colour of the sky when there is no sun
greyhounda very thin dog with long legs, used for racing
griefgreat sadness
grieveto be very sad about something; to be very unhappy
grimstern, unsmiling, and often cruel
grinto smile broadly
grindto crush something into a powder. The same word also means to rub together, like grinding your teeth
gripto hold on to something tightly
groana deep unhappy sound of pain or sorrow
grocera man who sells many kinds of food and household supplies
gropesearch blindly
grossvery fat or big. The same word also means 12 dozengross
groundthe earth we walk on
groundsheeta waterproof sheet which you lie on when you camp
groupa number of people or things together in one place
grovea small wood, a few trees
growto get bigger
growlto make a low rumbling noise deep down in the throat, dogs and lions growl when they are angry or afraid

Learning Competency

Stressed and Unstressed
In English sentences content words are stressed while structural words are generally not.