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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
frequenthappening often
freshnew; healthy; not tired
fretto be discontented; to worry
friendsomeone you know well and like a lot
friendlykind; showing friendship
friezea picture or pattern around the top of the wall
frightsudden fear; alarm
frightenedafraid of something
frightfulterrible; awful
frillan edging of lace of light material on clothing or curtains
fringehair cut straight across the forehead. The same word also means an edging of loose threads, usually on clothing, lampshades and rugs
friskylively; playful
frocka dress
froga small animal which lives in or near water and can jump a long way
frolicto have fun; to dance and play games
frontthe opposite to back; the most forward part of anything
frosta thin icy covering on the ground when it is cold
frotha lot of tiny white bubbles. Usually on top of liquid; foam
frownto wrinkle your forehead when you are angry or not pleased
frozensolid with ice
fruita part of a bush or tree which can be eaten
fruitfulproducing much fruit
fryto cook something in fat or oil
frying pana round shallow pan for frying
fuelanything used to make head, such as coal, gas or wood
fullno room for any more
funto have fun is to have a good time and enjoy yourself
funeralthe ceremony of burying a dead person
funnela kind of chimney on a ship. The same word also means a tube that is wide at the top so that you can pour liquid into something without spilling it
funnyamusing; laughable. Anything that makes you laugh is funny
fura kind of evergreen tree with leaves like needles
furthe soft hair on animals
furnacea place whre gret heat is produced by fire. Steel is made in a furnace
furniturethe things you use in a house, such as chairs, tables and beds
furrowa long narrow cut made in the ground by a plough
furyvery great anger
fusea piece of string or material attached to something that will explode. It burns slowly to give you time to get safety before the explosion. The same word also means a piece of wire used for safety in an electric system
fussa bother or worry, usually about something unimportant; unnecessary noise and bustle
futhermore distant

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What are phrasal verbs?
Phrasal verbs are verbs that consist of two or three words. The first word is a verb and it is followed by an adverb or a prepositions or both.