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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
fishing-roda long thin stick with a string and hook attached for catching fish
fista tightly closed hand
fitto be the right size and shape for something. The same word also means in good health
fixto mend something. The same word also means to tie or fasten something firmly
flaga piece of cloth with a coloured pattern. Each country in the world has its won flag with its own pattern
flakea very small thin piece of something, such as a snowflake
flakesomething lucky that happens by chance
flamethe bright fire that leaps from something burning
flapto move up and down, as a bird flaps its wings. The same word also means anything which hangs loose or is hinged. Such as a table flap
flareto burst into bright light, as when a piece of wood suddenly bursts into flame
flasha sudden bight light that appears only for a moment, like a flash of lighting
flaska kind of bottle, usually made of metal or glass, for holding liquids
flatsmooth; without bumps and being the same height all over. The same word also means a home on one floor which is part of a larger building
flattento make something flat
flavourwhat makes foods taste differently from each other. Ice-cream comes in lots of flavours, like strawberry, vanilla and chocolate
flaxa plant from which strong threads can be obtained. The cloth woven from these threads is called linen
fleeto run away, usually because of danger
fleeta number of ships or vehicles that belong together
fleshthe soft parts of your body
flexa wire for electricity, covered with plastic or some other material
flickto hit something very lightly
flickerto burn brightly and then dimly so that the light is not steady
flightthe act of flying through the air
flingto throw something away from you
flinta very hard kind of stone which gives off sparks when you strike it with steel
floatto rest on top of liquid or on air. A boat floats on water, and a bubble floats on air
flocka large group of birds or of some animals
flooda great overflowing of water, usually over dry land
floorthe part of a room you walk on
flopto let yourself fall down heavily
floura white powder made from grain. It is used to make bread and cakes
flowto move along smoothly, like water
flowerthe pretty coloured part of a plant
flower-pota pot in which you plant flowers
flua shortening of the word influenza, which is an illness causing a fever and a sore throat
fluidsomething that can flow, such as liquid or gas
flutea long thin musical instrument which you blow into
flutterto flap about; to move the wings quickly
flyto move through the air. The same word also means a flying insect
flying-fisha fish with large fins that help it to move through the air when it leaps out of the water
foala young horse
foama lot of tiny white bubbles, usually on the top of liquid or soapy water; froth
focusto get a clear picture
foean enemy
fogthick cloudy air
foldto double something over
foliagethe leaves on trees and plants
followto come after someone or something
follysilliness; a foolish action

Learning Competency

Modal auxiliaries are used for
1.Probability - will ought
2.Possibility - can, could, may, might