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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
vinegaran acid-tasting liquid used in salads and pickles
violentvery rough; forceful
violeta small wild plant with purple or white flowers
violina musical instrument with four stings. It is held under the chin and played with a special stick called a bow
virtumoral goodness, morality, chastity, merit
visibilitythe clearness with which things can be seen. In a fog or mist the visibility is bad because you cannot see far
visibleable to be seen
visionthe ability to see; eyesight
visitto go to see someone at his house
vitaminsomething in foods that is good for you because it keeps you healthy. Milk and oranges both have vitamins that you need
vividvery bright; brilliant
vixena female fox
vocabularyall the words you can speak and write: a selected list of words, usually in alphabetical order
voicethe sound that comes from people’s mouths when they speak or sing
volcanoa cone-shaped mountain that throws out hot ashes or liquid rock from an opening in the top
volumea book. The same word also means the amount, quantity or bulk of something
volunteerto offer to do something that you donot have to do
voteto say which person you would choose to be in charge of something or to be a member of a committee or similar group of people
vowa solemn promise
vowelthe sounds of a language which are not consonants. Usually vowels are written with the letters a e i o u
voyagea long journey by sea
vulgarrude; not very polite
vulturea large bird of prey that eats dead flesh

Learning Competency

Examples of Blending
1.Manimal (man + animal)
2.Hi-tech (high + technology)
3.Brunch (breakfast + lunch)