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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
openingan open place; a hole or space
operateto act, work, produce effect, drive, as a machine
operationsomething that is done, especially something done by doctors in hospital to make people well again
opinionwhat you think about something
opportuneseasonable, timely, convenient
opportunista politician of changing nature, according to the call of selfish need
opportunitya chance to do something
oppsiteas different as possible from something else; across from
opticalhaving to do with eyes or with seeing
orangea sweet fruit. The same word also means the colour of the fruit
orbitthe path in which something moves around another thing in space
orcharda lot of fruit trees growing together
ordera command. The same word also means to ask for something to be done; such as for something to be sent to you from a shop
ordinaryusual; not special or different
orerock or mineral from which we get metal
organa large musical instrument with a keyboard and pipes that the sounds come from; part of the body, army or country
organizationa group of people or of nations who get together to work for a particular purpose; such as the World Health Organization
organizeto get a group of people together for a particular purpose: to plan and arrange something
ornamentanything used to make something look prettier, such as jewellery or a vase
orpanagea home for orphans, the sate of an orphan
orphana child whose mother and father are both dead
ostricha very large bird which has long legs but which can not fly because its wings are too small
otherwiseif not; if things are different
ought toin place of should or must when duty or moral obligation is needed
ouncea measurement of weight. There are 16 ounces in a pound
outbursta sudden bursting out, such as cheering when a goal is scored at a football match
outfita set of clothing or equipment
outinga pleasure trip or walk
outlawa person who fights against the law and is told that he cannot be protected by the law. Robin Hood and his men were outlaws
outlinea line drawn to show the shape of something round the outside edge. The same word also means the main ideas of a story or a plan
outsidethe opposite of inside; out of doors
ovalegg-shapped. A rugby football is oval
oventhe inside part of a stove where you bake things a piece of clothing worn over other clothes to keep them clean
overallan outdoor coat worn over all your other clothes
oweto need to pay for something you
owla bird with big eyes and a sharp curved beak. Owls fly at night and sleep through the day
ownto have something that belongs to you
oxenbulls and cows
oystera shellfish with a very hard flat shell in two parts

Learning Competency

Stressed and Unstressed
In English sentences content words are stressed while structural words are generally not.