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Idioms And Phrases Exercises

Write a sentence of your own for each of the following idioms / phrases.

I. Statements:

1. To make an example   - to punish.
ans : The court should make an example of Mohamed Khan.
2. Pull a long face   - to look dismal.
ans : When the politician lost the election, he pulled a long face.
3. Fall behind   - too long.
ans : Our three year plans are falling behind the schedule.
4. Man of letters   - a literary person.
ans : Mr.Gandhi was a man of letters.
5. Draw a line   - fix a limit.
ans : Sooner or later, you have to draw a line between love and infatuation.

Learning Competency

Modal auxiliaries are used for
1.Probability - will ought
2.Possibility - can, could, may, might