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Conjunctions Exercises

Exercise -1

Link the sentences using suitable connectives (Conjunctions) :

1. Glass is a useful material. Glass breaks easily
ans : Glass is a useful material but it breaks easily.
2. The bridge collapsed. The bridge was not properly designed
ans : The bridge collapsed because if was not properly designed.
3. Do it. you will be happy
ans : If you do it, you will be happy.
4. He is a doctor. He is a lawyer
ans : He is either a doctor or a lawyer.
5. Take it. Leave it
ans : Either take it or leave it.
6. Summer is hot. Winter is cold
ans : Summer is hot but winter is cold
7. I know a man. The man has been to Iceland
ans : I know a man who has been to Iceland
8. He worked hard, he did not succeed
ans : Though he worked hard, he did not succeed
9. Bring me the book. The book is on the table
ans : Bring me the book that is on the table.
10. I went his house. He was watching T.V.
ans : When I went to his house, he was watching T.V.
11. He went to the market. He bought vegetables
ans : He went to the market and bought vegetables.
12. His brother was not there. His father was not there
ans : Neither his brother nor his father was there.
13. I will come. I am not ill
ans : I will come if I am not ill.
14. We went early to the circus. We could not get a seat.
ans : Although we went early to the circus, we could not get a seat.
15. The earth is round. We can prove it.
ans : We can prove that the earth is round.
Exercise -2

Fill in the blanks using suitable link words :

1. I trust her she is honest.Answer
2. A month has passed he got this job.Answer
3. Walk fast you would miss the bus.Answer
4. Robert is rich he is not happy.Answer
5. She is talented she is lazy.Answer
6. Do you have been told you will be punished.Answer
7. We were afraid he should get there too late.Answer
8. He was hungry he didnot demand food..Answer
9. It is long I saw him.Answer
10. the water was cold, I had a bath.Answer

Learning Competency

Stressed and Unstressed
In English sentences content words are stressed while structural words are generally not.