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Conjunction Definition And Examples

Definition :
A conjunction is a word which joins together two. words, clauses or sentences

A term which refers generally to words that have a conjoining or linking role in grammar

A list of words commonly used are called Conjunction


andor but
while however when
till thus still
since although unless
though as if
yet hence moreover
for therefore neither... nor
either... or not only... but also whether... or
in order that on condition that even if
so that all provided that
in as much as as well as as soon as
as if otherwise both
Conjunctions are divided into two classes
refers to two rather different classes of words: coordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions . These are sometimes called ‘coordinators’ and ‘subordinators’ respectively.


and, or, but and sometimes nor, alsoif, when, because and so on

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Stressed and Unstressed
In English sentences content words are stressed while structural words are generally not.