(Numeral Adjective)
Definition Of Adjective Number:
Adjective which expresses the number of persons or things is called the Adjective of Number or Numeral Adjective

Adjectives of Number (or Numeral Adjectives) are of three kinds:-

Definite Numeral Adjectives, which denote an exact number; as,
Definite Numeral Adjectives,
Indefinite Numeral Adjectives, which do not denote an exact number; as,
Indefinite Numeral Adjectives,
Distributive Numeral Adjectives, which refer to each one of a number; as.,
Each boy must take his turn
India expects every man to do his duty.
Every word of it is false.
Either pen will do

Adjective Of Number Examples.

I wrote two letters
The hand has five fingers
Few dogs look well
All men must die
Most boys like football
There are ten class rooms in our school

Differents between Adjectives of Quantity and Adjectives of Number

Adjectives of Quantity Adjectives of Number
I have enough sugarThere are not enough spoons
He did not eat any riceAre there any mango-trees in this garden?
You have no senseThere are no pictures in this book
I ate some rice Some boys are clever

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