Definition Of Possessive Adjective:
This Adjective expresses the state of possession of nouns.

Possessive adjectives show possession or ownership: my, her, his, its, our, their, your. because they are used with nouns and do the work of Adjectives. When placed before nouns function like adjectives; they qualify the noun directly.

Examples Of Possessive Adjectives.

My aim in life is to become a doctor
Is this your desk?
Mike crashed his bike into a wall
Her sister sings in a sweet voice
The dog was licking its paws
Mike and Peter have invited me to their party
These possessive adjectives are used according to the number, gender, and person of the noun instead of which they are used and they can be classified as follows:
First Personmy (Masculine or Feminine)our (Masculine or Feminine)
Second Personyour (Masculine or Feminine)your (Masculine or Feminine)
Third Personhis (Masculine)
her (Feminine)
its (Neuter or Common)
their (All genders)

Possessive Adjectives are somethings called Pronominal Adjectives, as they are formed from Pronouns. The word his is used both as an Adjective and as a Pronoun; as

Possessive AdjectiveThis is his pen
Possessive PronounThis pen is his

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