Definition :
Demonstrative Pronouns, which point out things, as this, these, that and those. Because they convey a high degree of specificity and distinctiveness in pointing out ("demonstrating") a referent; They are showing words.

They can be either a subject or an object in a sentence. We know which one to use by looking at the number of and distance of the thing(s) we are referring to. Use this and these when you are talking about things near you. Use that and those when you are talking about things farther away.

Far awaythatthose

In writing, the demonstrative pronouns may take antecedents, but there is no fixed rule. The pronoun may point forward.


This is my answer
That was too much for me
These are good mangoes
Hand me those candles, please

We should not be confused with Demonstrative pronouns and Demonstrative adjectives.

PRONOUNThis is my house Are those the flowers you picked ?
ADJECTIVEThis house is mineDid you pick those flowers?

Learning Competency

The verb shows time by changing its form. These forms are called tenses.