Last Updated : 07 Jan 2019

Which of the words given below can be placed after the word given in Green color to form a compound word :

1. white
a) wormb) washc) wayd) print Answer
2. home
a) madeb) washc) lined) white Answer
3. World
a) ballb) wayc) wided) cube Answer
4. tear
a) heartb) sidec) handd) filled Answer
5. life
a) stepb) longc) throughd) hand Answer
6. pass
a) wordb) learnc) printd) room Answer
7. every
a) fastb) eatc) aird) where Answer
8. over
a) lightb) throwc) walkd) side Answer
9. child
a) handb) proofc) hoodd) mark Answer
10. baby
a) sheetb) timec) bottled) sit Answer


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