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Examples For Pharsal Verbs

ASK FORDriving after drinking alcohol is asking for trouble
CALL FORThe principal called for an explanation for his absence
CUT OUT FORHe is not cut out for the job
GO IN FORI don’t like to go in for teaching
MAKE FORDeath control has made for population explosion
MAKE UP FORHe is doing lot of good things now a days to make up for his past bad life
LOOK FORExcuse me, can you help me? I am looking for 201 MGM St.
PAY FORCan I pay for this stuff with a debit card?
PLAN FORThe festival was a disaster because they didn’t plan for such a huge crowd
FALL FOR I guess he really fell for her in a big way
SETTLE FORDr.Rosy has very high standards. She won’t settle for second best
STAND FOR I will never stand for him
CAVE INDue to Tsunami, the roof of the mud house caved in
BRING INHer painting’s brought in some income to support her
CALL INCall in an ambulance immediately
ENGAGE INyou should always be engaged in some meaningful activities
BREAK INThe thieves broke in through the kitchen window
GIVE INAt last the government gave in to the demands of the government employees
LOOK INTOThe officials looked into the matter and took necessary steps
SET INThe rainy season has set in
WORK IN I’ll try to work in a Cubs game
TAKE INAfter lunch we took in a movie
FILL INShe’s the star of the show. No one can fill in for her
SIGN INAll visitors to the consulate are asked to sign in
BUTT INMy father taught me that it’s not polite to butt in line
BELIEVE INDo you believe in God?
TRADE INWe’ll get a good price on our new car if we trade in our old one
LOCK INIt’s dangerous to lock children in a car
DROP INSarah dropped in on Paris last night
GO INRosy went into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee
LET INThat small window doesn’t let in enough light to read by
PLUG INThe iron box is plugged in
SNEAK INIf you don’t have a ticket for the game, you’ll have to sneak in
PUNCH INI forgot my card to punch in
GET INGet in the car!
CARRY OUTCarry out your job very seriously
BREAK OUTLast night a fire broke out in our street
FALL OUTHe left home after falling out with his parents
FIND OUTI couldnot find out the reason for his strange behaviour
PUT OUTThe firemen had a tough time putting out the fire
SEND OUTThe manager sent out every two months
WEAR OUTJim felt worn out after a long journey
BACK OUT He had promised to help me, but backed out at the last moment
RUN OUTOur stock of sugar has run out
FIGURE OUTHe couldn’t figure out where he put them
POINT OUTShe wanted to point out several possible problems
LET OUTThe lion let out a loud roar before he attacked the deer
BURN OUTthe sun won’t burn out for another four billion years
PICK OUTI have four puppies, so I want to pick one out
HAND OUTHandouts of food and clothing were given to the homeless people
START OUTThe stock market started out in negative territory but closed 300 points higher
DROP OUTDhoni’ father was very disappointed when he dropped out of college
HOLD OUTThere are still a few holdouts who don’t have credit cards
DRY OUTMy skin always gets dried out in the winter
STAY OUTYou can’t come in here. Stay out!
WATCH OUTWatch out when you’re crossing a busy street
PRINT OUTType a letter and take a print out
LOOK OUTLook out for bears when you camp in the mountains
MAKE OUTHow did you make out on the test yesterday?
SORT OUTThe mail is sorted out and ready to be delivered
CUT OUTI cut an interesting story out of the newspaper to show to my friend
RULED OUTAter the hurricane they ruled out moving to Florida
CLEAN OUTWhen I go home, I found that my place had been cleaned out
CLEAR OUTClear out! This is a private property
COME OUTHow did the investigation come out?
EMPTY OUTThe security told me to empty out my pockets
FALL OUTDid she fall out or was she pushed?
GO OUTThe forest fire didn’t go out until it started to rain
BROUGHT UPRobert was brought up by his parents as a hard working and intelligent boy
CALL UPThe patient could not call up past events
LOOK UPLook up the word in the dictionary
TEAR UPShe tore up the letter
BACK UPHe was able to achieve this mainly because he was backed up by his wife
BREAK UPShe broke up with her boy friend
HOLD UPI was held up in traffic jam
GIVE UPThe doctors have given him up but he made a remarkable recovery
MAKE UPHe made up an excuse to get leave
SHOW UPOver a thousand people showed up for the news conference
THROW UPI feel like I’m going to throw up
WRAP UPWe wrapped up the meeting around 6:00 and went home
WORK UPYou have to work up to it
CATCH UPCoca-Cola has caught up with Pepsi in many markets
GROW UPGrowing up without a father wasn’t easy
FOLLOW UPThe doctor told me he’d need to follow up the treatment with physical therapy
WAKE UPI woke up at 6:00 AM on every day
COME UPWhy don’t you come up and see me some time?
CALL ONYesterday we called on our family friend
CARRY ONThey carried on their conversation for a long time
GET ONRobert is getting on well in studies
GO BACK ONI never go back on my promises
KEEP ONShe kept on asking me questions the whole time
BANK ONDo not bank on your relatives when you are in difficulties
PUT ONShe put on a gray shkirt and a gray woolen cardigan
LOOK ONI look on him as my son
GO ONGo on doing your duty
PILE ONHe piled compliments on her
CHEAT ONThe teacher caught David cheating on the exam
SCREW ONMake sure you screw each of the nuts on tightly
FIGURE ONYou can figure on spending a least hundred bucks if you’re going to that restaurant
PLAN ONWhat are you planning on doing tonight?
COME ONIt was so cold that the heat came on last night
CATCH ONIt took me a while, but I finally caught on to him
TRY ONWould you like to borrow this dress for the dance tonight? Here, try it on
TURN ONI wonder why she turned on me like that?
HOLD ONI have been holding on for fifteen minutes.
BREAK DOWNOur car broke down on the way
GO DOWNThe prices of houses has gone down
KNOCK DOWNWhile crossing the road, the old man was knocked down by a motorist
LET DOWNThe government let down the farmers badly in the talks
LIVE DOWN The politician could not live down his part bad antecedents
PULL DOWNThe government is trying to pull down all opposition against it
TAKE DOWNThe students were taking down the notes
HANDS DOWNIndia won the final match against England hands down
PUT DOWNThe army put down the rebellion
GET DOWNHe could not get down the stairs
SETTLED DOWNShe settled down in France with her husband and two daughters
TRACK DOWNThe terrorists were tracked down by Interpol
CRACK DOWNThe FBI is planning a major crackdown on organized crime
COME DOWNIt’s been raining for an hour! It’s really coming down
SLOW DOWNI was driving pretty fast, but I slowed down after I saw the police car.
FALL DOWNI slipped on some ice on the sidewalk and fell down
LAID DOWNThe IRS laid down several new tax regulations
RUN DOWNThe man was run down and killed by a speeding taxi
SIT DOWNThe teacher told his students to sit down
TURN DOWNMy request for a pay raise was turned down
BREAK OFFHe broke off in the middle of his speech
CALL OFFThe union has called off the strike
COME OFFThe meeting did not come off because the minister suddenly fell ill
CUT OFFWater adn electricity supplies have been cut off
GET OFFHe got off with his light to injury in the accident
HOLD OFFThe ruling party managed to hold off its main rival party in the general election
KEEP OFFBuses and lorries kept off the road in protest against the oil price hike
LET OFFThe teacher let him off homework because he was ill
PUT OFFThey have put off the wedding
SHOW OFFHe showed off his new watch to his friends
TAKE OFFPlease take off your shoes before entering
TURN OFFThe electrician turned off the main switch before attending the fault
SET OFF He set off for London last night

Learning Competency

Non-defining relative clause
Non-defining relative clauses are placed after nouns which are definite already.
The adjective clause which does not define the noun before it but gives additional information about the noun is called the non-defining relative clause.