Need (noun)Man’s beasic needs must be met
Need (verb)She does not need your advice
Paint (noun)The Green paint does not suit your wall
Paint (verb)They painted the gate red
resist (noun)Their resistance proved in vain
resist (verb)You must resist evil company
Bark (noun)The bark of this treee is tender
Bark (verb)His pet dog never barks
value (noun)Albert lived for his values till his death
value (verb)You must value the advice fo your mother
Specialist (noun)She was a specialist in flying
Specialist (verb)Keerthi specializes in interior decoration
Desert (noun)Kalahari is the driest desert in the world
Desert (verb)Buddha deserted his wife and son
Capture (noun)The capture of the torrorist was a sensational news
Capture (verb)The king tried to capture the small kingdom cunningly
Fly (noun)I saw a fly in the tea cup
Fly (verb)Everyone loves to fly
Sing (noun)Rosy is a singer
sing (verb)Sing any song you like
Mind (noun)Othello’s mind was troubled
Mind (verb)Mind your business (or) mind your head
Train (noun)The train to London is delayed by 2 hours
Train (verb)You must train your mind to ignore small problems
Post (noun)Leena is holding a high post in Arabia
Post (verb)Please post this letter for me
Select (noun)The selection of Chawla was quite natural
Select (verb)She was selected to go to space
Long (noun)Children are sons and daughters of life’s longing for itself
Long (verb)Do not long for things beyond your means
Conduct (noun)His conduct was exemplary
Conduct (verb)Conduct yourself well in times of adversity
Drop (noun)There is a drop in the prices of pulses
Drop (verb)Do not drop the waste here
Weigh (noun)You are not allowed to carry weights above 30 k.g. in the train
Weigh (verb)This box weighs 4 k.g.
Dread (noun)Dread of God is the beginning of wisdom
Dread (verb)The boy dreaded punishment
Sentence (noun)Write in simple sentences
Sentence (verb)The thief was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment
Cause (noun)Many do not know the cause of Tsunami
Cause (verb)The boss caused the transfer of the lazy attender
Give (noun)Mercy blesses the giver
Give (verb)To be happy, give and forgive
Pay (noun)He got his pay one week before
Pay (verb)Pay your dues

Learning Competency

Modal auxiliaries Vs Primary auxiliaries
Primary auxiliaries are be, do, have. They are used to form tenses and to frame short answers.
Modal auxiliaries are will, would, may, might, shall, should, can, could, must, dare, need, used, ought. They are used to express moods.